FLATT Intensive Course


27th July to 02nd August - Casa de la Cultura. Tarifa, Cádiz

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FLATT Intensive Course


The mix of different disciplines is very important and one of the differences to other courses.


The free access to all classes for 450€ makes the FLATT a real intensive course.

The courses are not sternly divided into arts and disciplines where everything starts and ends according to a time schedule, but they convert into 7 days of living and learning and experiencing together the cante (vocals), baile (dance), guitar and percussion. Everything is served and because you are mixing with the artists you will really learn Flamenco.

LudoART: Babysitting / Art Playcentre


To accommodate all participants, we have designed a children's play area where the little ones can enjoy activities and workshops to suit all ages, in the company of other children. Crafts, introduction to reading, music and movement are among the workshops included.




We will be moving, imitating and dancing a lot doing what we like most: playing!

With music, we will move every part of our body like if it had a life of its own and like that we will start into the world of dance and become aware of our body.



Outside there is life, too! Let’s discover the beach and the mountains. We will search and name plants, birds, stones, clouds… and everything we can observe in nature. Also we will create artwork with help of nature.



We will juggle with our self-made clubs, balls, cariocas, palos chicos…,

Create artistic masks and later play theater

Play traditional games

Educational activities in a fun environment that encourage the awakening and nurturing of even the youngest participants to the world of art... whilst practicing!


Find out more without any commitment.

FLATT Concerts


After the courses the day doesn’t finish. Every night there will be concerts, jam sessions, fiesta por bulerías, so you can put into practice your newly applied skills…


Check our Schedules to get to the overview of the concerts.



With Flamenco Tours Tarifa you can round off your trip with lots of activities, so that your vacation in Tarifa will become unforgettable!


Just at 14km distance from Africa, Tarifa is located at the meeting point of Europe and Africa. The Mediterranean climate and the strong east wind provide the best conditions for wind and kite surfing during the whole year and helped Tarifa to achieve worldwide fame.After the Flamenco courses you can choose from the best water sport activities: kite surf, wind surf, paddleboard, kayak excursions, hiking…


You can kite surf between Europe and Africa, wind guaranteed!


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