Del 27 de julio al 2 de agosto - Casa de la cultura. Tarifa, Cádiz

"This place has flamenco in its air. One week you live in a small hotel near the seashore. The people you meet are great flamenco artist including Jose Manuel Leon (guitar) and Alicia Carrasco (cante). Not only flamenco is presented, there is also jazz from great spanish jazz guitar player Toni Mora and african drums from people of Senegal.

They teach you everything they know, they treat you like a part of their family, they play concerts for you in the evening, they play with you on special concerts! For me, who lives outside Spain this was like revelation, because i was able to understand and feel how beautiful and deep this culture is, and see it from the inside. Among artist there were many good people from all countries, the stuff from the hotel also was very flamenco, the cook naturally sang deep flamenco for us after meal !!!

Even more, Tarifa is a magic small town, the world mecca for kite and wind surfers. I played flamenco on the shore and watched how kiters ride in the sea The worst thing is that like everything in the world, this week had its end. The best thing is that in 2014 its possible to experience it again!"

Denis Sedovich (Rusia)

"Me pareció Super interesante combinar todas las disciplinas para llegar a un entendimiento más completo sobre el arte flamenco."

Eloisa Falero, FLATT Cabo de Gata 2016

"Ha sido una semana inolvidable donde he disfrutado mucho con las actuaciones de los artistas, las clases de cajón, guitarra, baile y cante. Todo en uno!"

Manolo García, FLATT 2015


"The FLATT week in hotel Brief was magic in every sense of the word but most of all because of the outstanding high quality of the musicians and dancer who teach with so much heart and enthousiasme.
On top of that, during our stay we were treated every night on lifeconcerts, many flamenco or fusionflamenco and jazz.
The superfriendly hotelstaff made our stay one to remember fondly. I will certainly come back in 2014."

Martine Ruppert (Holland)

Flatt 2013 Ndiawar Master Class en el Brief Tarifa

"Este curso se está convirtiendo en un referente. Hasta el maestro del compás acude a su cita. Lo hemos pasado de lujo. Gracias Tito Capu, y gracias en especial a mis compares Alicia Carrasco Melgar y Jose Manuel León por hacerme hoy un poquito más feliz. Viva ustedes y que no pare el compás."

Paquito Molix

Flatt 2013 Senegal Fiesta

"Vanesa Aibar,fantastica!! Aprendimos, nos reímos y mucho más. Experiencia única, gracias. Nos vemos el año q viene."


"A friend of mine was very enthusiastic about the ‘curso’ this year. I might want to join next time..."



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